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Bonsai is a fashion app for iOS designed for millennial men. Users are offered curated content from a select collection of brands and creatives, including the best in men’s fashion, gadgets, style, and more.

I provide written content for the Bonsai application, including music, technology, and culture material that is designed specifically with their target audience in mind.

On iOS? Download the Bonsai app via the iTunes Store here or visit for more information.

Meet LYFSTYL Music

LYFSTYL Music is an online publication dedicated to discovering and sharing the best in forthcoming trends in new and independent music, fashion, art, and culture. Together, the LYFSTYL team covers a wide spectrum in today’s culture by creating original, distinctive content to serve our loyal and expanding readership from across the globe.

As a publication in the world of music, LYFSTYL’s brand is a carefully designed blend of style, substance, and flair. Together with founder Mwinyi Topping, Kevin works with LYFSTYL Music to design a digital communications strategy that allows the LYFSTYL team to collaborate effectively and pursue the projects they desire. Today the LYFSTYL Music Blog is regarded as an online taste-maker, featuring top tracks and content covering emerging artists from around the world.

Meet The Healing Tree

The Healing Tree is a medical marijuana dispensary that reached out for help concerning their website, social media accounts, and internal communications. As a store offering medical alternatives for their clients, The Healing Tree faced unique challenges when it came to informing their target audience and promoting themselves to the public. Working together with ownership and management, The Flying V developed a digital strategy tailored to The Healing Tree’s needs, optimizing their existing digital properties and establishing new channels of digital marketing and promotion.

Meet Cheapskates Sports

Cheapskates Sports is one of Vancouver’s oldest sporting goods consignment stores. Located at the top of Dunbar hill in Vancouver, Cheapskates utilizes a unique pricing system which allows for savings on behalf of the customer, and convenience on behalf of the seller. After coming under new ownership Cheapskates has recently made an effort to modernize aspects of its business model, and a fresh website was one of their first priorities. Today Cheapskates Sports operates a crisp, clean, and simple website that intuitively explains the store’s unique store pricing system, store details, and more.