Canucks management caught talking trades in coffee shop, plan to draft Virtanen?

The Vancouver Canucks have been busy to start NHL draft day, making moves and freeing cap space in such a frenzy that at least one member of the Canucks’ management team was forced to do his draft day duties from a Yaletown coffee shop.

Shortly after the Canucks moved Ryan Kesler to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Nick Bonino, Lucas Sbisa, and the Ducks’ 24th-overall pick (more on that, later) Twitter user @MichelFalcon realized he was sitting beside someone talking to “Trev” about hockey and put the pieces together.

While in exchange with another user @TheFalconer (Michel) Falcon broke down what he heard in a string of fascinating tweets.

Jason Garrison’s love for Steve Yzerman is no real revelation, I mean, who doesn’t love Stevie-Y? However Falcon wasn’t finished with his inside information.

And just how accurate can we expect some coffee shop hearsay to be? Continue reading…

Notice the time stamp?

BOOM goes the dynamite. And shame on anyone for doubting Falcon – it’s not surprising that someone is a better human than Ryan Kesler (even if has been accused of biting).

Now who could be so careless as to make trade calls in public in a hockey-mad city like Vancouver? Decide for yourselves my dear readers.

The photo, taken by Falcon and enhanced by Photoshop ace Wyatt Arndt, shows a middle-aged man wrist-deep in a smart phone, but who could it be? The ghost of Mike Gillis is my best bet, but otherwise I can’t be sure.

One thing if for sure, though: Falcon was bang-on when it came to Derek Dorsett, a trade no one saw coming, and probably just told us who the Canucks intend to pick in the first round.

If drafted by the Canucks Abbotsford’s Jake Virtanen would be the first B.C. boy selected by his hometown team since Cam Neely was chosen in 1983.